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Hunter Chen is a character in Netflix's Ginny & Georgia. He is portrayed by Mason Temple.



Throughout The Series[]

Season 1[]


Hunter is a popular guy at school. When Ginny Miller moves to Wellsbury, Massachusetts and attends the same school, Hunter quickly shows interest in her. He makes his friend Maxine Baker ask Ginny if she's single. He later asks her if she can hang out. After she agrees, he tells her it's a date.

At the date, Ginny tells Hunter about where she's from. However, he tells her to skip over the "typical first-date stuff" and get to the "juicy bits" of their lives. He proves himself to be funny, and Ginny is surprisingly enjoying herself. When Hunter drops her off, Ginny gets super nervous and instead of kissing her, he hugs her.

It's a Face Not a Mask[]

Ginny drops a tampon in class, and it hits Hunter in the face, embarrassing her. Afterward, Hunter is understanding and offers Ginny some salty crisp as apparently, saying his sisters usually crave that on their periods. He also apologizes for being absent from the hangout the night before and suggests they hang out again soon. Ginny and her friends are impressed by this, especially because he didn't act grossed out by periods.

Next Level Rich People Shit[]

At the Sophomore Sleepover, Hunter kisses Ginny in the photo booth. When the Sophomore Sleepover finishes, Hunter asks Ginny if she will be his girlfriend and as he asks, Marcus walks by. She accepts his proposal, and Marcus looks annoyed.

Lydia Bennet Is Hundo a Feminist[]

Ginny and her friends talk about sex when she becomes frustrated that Hunter hasn’t done anything sexual with her yet. Marcus listens in and hears Ginny say, “men prioritize their own pleasure and do not know what they are doing”. When Ginny gets home, she poses on her bed with her top off, and sends a risqué picture to Hunter, who begins to type, then stops. Disappointed, she sends the same picture to Marcus and they sext. The next morning, she gets a text from Hunter saying he’s sorry, but he was really busy with homework and ended up falling asleep.

Ginny and friends attend Battle of the Bands, where Hunter will be performing. Before Hunter goes on stage, Ginny tells him that she feels he doesn’t like her. Hunter gets on stage and dedicates a cringe worthy song to Ginny. Marcus looks on, and he seems jealous as Ginny looks happy and overwhelmed by the performance. Afterward, Hunter tells Ginny that he didn’t respond to the photo because he respects her. Ginny tells Hunter that she wants him to think she’s hot.

When Georgia returns home, she introduces herself to Hunter as Ginny and Hunter are sitting on the couch together. As Ginny lies in Hunter's arms, she gets a text from Marcus; leaving her quite troubled and conflicted.

Boo, Bitch[]

Ginny heads to Hunter’s house for dinner. The family loves the song Hunter made for her and makes some jokes at his expense. Hunter’s mother starts to pressure her son about college recommendations. The topic of Ginny’s parents comes up, and Ginny rambles about her complicated upbringing. She seems embarrassed after revealing her past and yearns for her parents to have the kind of relationship that the Chens do.

I'm Triggered[]

Ginny vents to Hunter about her mother and family problems. Hunter suggests she should try to get to know her mother a bit more and her extended family, but Ginny wonders what else her mother is lying about.

Happy Sweet Sixteen, Jerk[]

At school, Ginny’s friends have arranged decorations for her sixteenth birthday. Hunter arrives and does a tap-dancing performance for Ginny to the song “Happy Birthday” in front of the school. He has a dance troupe with him joining in.

At a party the following night, Hunter talks to Ginny privately in a bedroom. They end up hooking up, and Ginny tells Hunter that she’s on the pill and gives him consent for everything. Hunter tells her it’s her birthday, so he goes down on her.

Check One, Check Other[]

Ginny’s father Zion turns up at the school with his leather jacket and motorbike helmet on. Hunter introduces himself as Ginny's boyfriend. In class, Ginny reads out her "where I most belong" essay. The students love it, and Maxine rallies the applause. However, Ginny doesn’t win the round, Hunter does, which frustrates Ginny.

Hunter hooks up with Ginny in her room, and he’s nervous about taking it further. Ginny brings up the essay, where Hunter tells her that her essay was unconventional and the “rules were the rules”, further supporting the evidence that he does not understand her as much as Marcus. The pair argue about stereotypes and identity. It eventually turns to the two throwing insults at each other about “who is more white”. Hunter leaves as Ginny cries on her bed.

Feelings Are Hard[]

Hunter and Ginny continue to avoid each other after their recent argument.

The Worst Betrayal Since Jordyn and Kylie[]

At Blue Farm, Hunter tells Ginny he doesn’t want their relationship to end and says, “I love you”. Ginny is in complete shock, and Joe has to remind her that she’s working. She’s distressed, so Joe pulls her aside. Ginny explains that in 24 hours, two different boys have told her they love her, but she only wants to be with Marcus.

Later, Ginny and Maxine get into a fight outside the play. Hunter arrives in the hallway, and Abby tells him that Ginny slept with Marcus. Marcus also shows up, and he says it was a mistake. Hunter walks off in shock and hurt, and says that Ginny didn't deserve how well he treated her. He punches Marcus before he leaves. At school, MANG, Hunter, and the rest of their friends shun Ginny.


Hunter is charming, smart and considerate. He is popular and well-liked by his friends and classmates. He is involved at school and seems to enjoy getting good grades and participating in many activities. Hunter seems family-oriented and respectful of his parents (unlike Ginny). As a boyfriend, he is kind and respectful as well as sexually-appealing, which Ginny notes in a conversation with Joe. He enjoys giving grand gestures, such as when he writes Ginny a love song that he performs in front of a crowd, or when he tap-dances as a birthday present to her.

Physical Appearance[]

Hunter is relatively good-looking. He has a fit body and distinct hair, which he often wears in a mini ponytail. His sense of style is trendy casual, wearing flannels and khakis a lot.



His family was seen in Boo, Bitch, when Ginny had dinner with them. His family consists of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chen and his sister, Lauren. The Chens seem to have a great dynamic with each other, and family dinners such as that one are common for them. Ginny watches the sweet relationship between Hunter's parents with envy, as they remind her of the stability she doesn't get to have.



Ginny asks why a mature and respectful guy like Hunter hangs out with Brodie, and Hunter mentions that he stuck it out with him during difficult years.

Matt Press


Maxine Baker

Abby Littman




Samantha and Hunter dated in eighth grade as revealed by Samantha in It's A Face Not A Mask. She described him as a great first boyfriend, and mentions that they "took each other's virginities", making Ginny feel awkward.

Ginny Miller[]

In the Pilot episode, Hunter asks Ginny out on a date, which she accepts. After the date, instead of a kiss, Hunter gives Ginny a hug. In It's A Face Not A Mask, Ginny drops a tampon during English class, and to her embarrassment, it hits Hunter in the face. After class he gives Ginny some salty crisp as apparently, that will help since his sister craves the same thing on her period. In Next Level Rich People Shit at the Sophomore Sleepover, Hunter kisses Ginny in the photo booth. After the sleepover, Hunter asks Ginny to be his girlfriend and she says "yes", much to Marcus's dismay. In Happy Sweet Sixteen, Jerk at the Baker's house Hunter and Ginny hook up and he goes down on her.

In Check One, Check Other Hunter and Ginny get into an argument over "who is more white" in which they throw racial stereotypes at each other. They both stop talking to one another and in Feelings Are Hard Ginny hooks up with Marcus, cheating on Hunter. This however, was not the first time time Ginny was disloyal to Hunter, as in Lydia Bennet Is Hundo a Feminist, after Hunter doesn't respond to the topless photo she sent him, she proceeded to send it to Marcus. In the final episode, The Worst Betrayal Since Jordyn and Kylie Hunter goes to the Blue Farm Café, where Ginny works and tells her he doesn't want their relationship to end, and that her loves her. Later on at Maxine's play while MANG is having a heated discussion, Hunter appears and Abby and Max tell Hunter of Ginny's unfaithfulness. Hunter is upset and breaks up with Ginny, and later punches Marcus in the face, despite him having a concussion.


Season 1[]


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